Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: Real News Kerala

Real News Kerala respects the privacy the users. We are committed to protecting the interest of our users in all respects. Being a user to our news portal, you provide us consent towards the collection, accumulation, storage and use of any personal information or personally identifiable information for any of our services listed in the site or we may offer.

To get certain services on our website, all our users may require furnishing the information. For instance, some of the content published on our site is meant only for adults. We need a declaration of age to read the information. We collect certain information for registration. Some of the information that you may need to provide include your name, a valid email address, age, sex, location, occupation, interests, password etc. The information provided by our users enables us to enhance the user experience, improve the site, provide better service, and extend a user-friendly interface.

The usage of personal information collected by us is only geared towards better services. We may use the information collected from our site user to protect, improve and main the services listed by us. We also deploy new services based on the information collected. This information is not considered as sensitive information when these are accessible easily and available freely online in any public domain.

In addition to the personally identifiable information, we also collect the information respect to your usage of our site. Such information includes your device information (from which device you access our site,) your location (time to time it changes), the network you use etc.

Sometimes, in case of necessity, we may disclose or share certain personal information with the third party services. The personally identifiable information includes the following:

1. The information you provided like your name, mobile number, email, location etc.

2. General information we collect naturally using our technical aspects when you access the site. It includes your mobile device information, network carrier, etc.

We collect the information only to serve you better. When we share the information with the third party sites, or services, we can personalize the site for you, analyze your usage, perform the usage behaviour and serve you better.


Cookies are unavoidable in many instances. Cookies at real news Kerala includes links to other sites. Each of these sites has their own privacy policy, terms and conditions, and disclaimers for users. These aspects are beyond our control. When you leave our server, you may provide any information to the third party site. Such privacy policy is governed by that third party site and not by us. The privacy policy may differ from what we imply. We do not hold any responsibility for the privacy policy and misuse of any of your personal information that may cause any damage.

Our servers connected to this site automatically, (by default) collects the limited information about the device that you use, which is connected to the internet. Your IP address is connected to our site by default whenever you visit the site. The IP address is an identification number through which the internet sends you the data to your computer for the sites and pages you views online. However, the IP address is the address of your computer or mobile device you use. It does not reveal the personal identity. We use this information based on the IP address to analyze the interest of the users, traffic measurement, advertisement management program, tracking of geographical visits, etc.

Security of Information

While we collect information explicitly and impliedly to govern your interest, we also ensure appropriate measures to keep it safe. We develop security measures that prevent unauthorized access to any of the information we collect. We also do not allow an unauthorized alteration of any personal data. The safety measures neither disclose nor destruct the data.

Our security measures include verification of data collected in many aspects. We do internal reviews of the collected information. At every stage of processing information, from collection to storage, we ensure strong security measures. Processing and storage process of information has strong encryption of data.

We may use all the information collected from you to,

  • Send you news updates, newsletters, and services based on your interests
  • Create an online account
  • Send alerts, updates and promotional materials
  • Send updates on our terms, communication, upgrades, new launches of apps or webs, etc
  • Reply or respond to your queries you have raised
  • Ensure you comply with the legal requirements, all relevant industry standards as required, obligations of our terms and conditions, etc.
  • Provide protection against any unlawful or fraud activity

Sharing Information

At Real News Kerala, we never share any personal information that is likely to be sensitive without the consent of the user. We ensure utmost safety to all data collected from our users. At times, we may share some of the personally identifiable information and non-identifiable information. Those instances include,

1. When the law or any government authority or any government agency or court calls for legal disclosure of any information we shall share the information. The purpose of disclosure shall be towards, identity verification, or for prevention, investigation, detection, evidential or support documentation for cybercrime. It can be for support verification or for prosecution. We are bound by the legal obligations. We believe that the disclosure of the information is made with good intention. When there is a necessity to comply with the laws, regulations and legal rules, the disclosure is unavoidable.

2. We may, at times, share the information within our associate entities. It includes group companies, branches, associates, employees etc. The purpose of sharing the information is mainly to improve the service. However, we ensure that recipient of such personal information complies with our disclaimer and privacy policy. We also ensure that the recipient companies or individuals employ appropriate confidentiality, safety measures to protect the data against theft or misuse. If you have any issues or grievance related to our terms or privacy policy or anything related to your personal data, you can write to us anytime.